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Band Color Guard | Ida Baker Band Boosters

Information for Ida Baker High Guard Students 2015-2016

Hello Guard and Parents,
I’m sending this email in hopes to keep everyone informed, and up to date on what is expected, and what is going on with the guard. We aim to keep communications open between the guard students, parents, and instructors to ensure a great experience through this school year.
First I would like to welcome all new members, and returning members to the group. They seem to be enjoying the enthusiasm, and excitement the new band director is offering, and quickly learning what is expected from them. I have been lucky enough to be there supporting them while they are learning at camp and I am impressed with the effort they are showing. I can’t wait to see the end results!
Each student is responsible for their uniform fees in addition to the fare share dues of $200.00.
The guards uniform fees will be as follows:
New members –                   Black Unitard         $34.99
                                           Black Jazz Shoes   $32.99
                                           Blue Jacket            $45.00
                                           Makeup                   $25.00
                                                                         $137.98 total
All of these items with the exception of the makeup will be used in the following years, please keep track of them and take care of them so you don’t have to repurchase. Male students will not be charged for makeup.
Returning members – If you do not have the above mentioned items you will need to replace them. If you need replacements they will be ordered this week. Female guard students will also need $25.00 to purchase this years makeup.
Guard fees are due as soon as possible, as they are being placed on your students account as a negative balance. All uniform necessities are being ordered this week in order to be prepared for our first performance, and are required to participate. Please remember we cannot except cash payment. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
***If participating in Winter Guard there will be additional fees that are not funded by the band boosters. Information on Winter Guard will be addressed at a meeting later on this year***
Remember, this year you will be starting with a C for a grade. It is up to you to earn your grade. Here are some ways to get points.
1)  Participating in Marching Band (Games, Parades, Events)
2)  Participating at practice
3)  Participating and dressing out for class
4)  Participating in solo and ensemble
5)  Getting a superior at solo and ensemble
6)  Attend a musical performance/concert
7)  Parents attending the booster meetings (first Thursday of every month @7pm, see school calendar)
8)  Parents Chaperoning (we still have available openings)
9)  Participate in fund raisers
10) Participate in Winter Guard
11) Miscellaneous
We will be having a mandatory Guard meeting for the parents on August 14th after the “Camp Show”. This will allow us to answer, and address any questions or concerns you may have, so that we can have a productive year.. 

We have two events coming up before school starts.
1) Miracle baseball game back to school night Aug. 17th performing the national anthem. Students will need a ride there. Admission is $6.50 (free for participants) when you buy tickets thru Mr. Smith and $4.00 to park. More information coming soon from Mr. Smith
2) Our first game of the season is on Aug. 21. students will be informed of what time they are expected to be there.
You can find all our information on Idabakerbandboosters.com
Thank you for sharing your kids with us, and letting them have this experience. We look forward to seeing their journey in this program!

Guard Members: Please be getting your outfit ready for the concert on May 12th! The uniform has been approved by Ms. Wilson so make sure you have all the pieces. If you do not have the correct uniform you will not be able to perform resulting in a “0” for your grade. If you are unsure of any part of your uniform, please bring it in to show Ms. Wilson. If you are still unsure of what the uniform is, please let Ms. Wilson know and she will help you!”



Please try your hardest to have all of your uniform for Wednesday (2/4) after school rehearsal (Including tights!). Ms. Jessica and I are asking you to have everything because we need to get used to performing in this uniform as opposed to your normal workout clothes. We want you to be as comfortable with everything as possible to ensure your best performance at Districts. 

Your shoes have been paid for and Ms. Wilson has them to hand out. You will receive them in class on Wednesday. Good work on the money fundraised so far! To date you have collected $511.36! Please continue to plan and execute fundraisers so we can make sure we have everything we need for States if that is so possible. 

As always, if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ms. Wilson


Alternative Uniform
Nude tights (to be worn underneath)
Black spandex (to be worn underneath)
Black tank top (to be worn underneath)
Solid Black “Skater Skirt” (can be found at Target/Wal*Mart/WetSeal)

Red Long-Sleeve V-Neck cardigan by Merona (Located at Target – in the womens section, not the juniors section)

Pearl Neckless (Can be long or short – can be found at the Dollar Store/Target – No need for real pearls!) 

*Ms. Wilson and the girls have discussed this option during class. It is Baker/school/show appropriate and no one spoke up not in favor of this option. Thank you Micala for the idea! Great work! If for some reason you cannot find a part of the outfit, please email Ms. Wilson ASAP. She will try to find what we are missing to make sure everyone has what they need.* 

The make-up from marching season will be used for the show as well.
Hair is be worn half-up/half-down. Girls can either have it curly or straight.  

Order for Solo and Ensemble Events:

Large Group (pending appropriate outfit)
McKayla – Flag Solo
Michael – Flag Solo
Sabrina – Flag Solo
Micala – Flag Solo
Savanah – Flag Solo

*This is the order that the students and Ms. Wilson have agreed upon. If there is a question, please let Ms. Wilson know.*


Auxiliary Solo & Ensemble 

Location: Lehigh Senior High School
When: Thursday, 2/5
Time: Bus leaving school 7:30am
IBHS Block of Performance time: 12:30-1:15pm
Bus returning to school around 3:00pm
**An order of performances was agreed upon by the students and Ms. Wilson and will be posted here at the beginning of this week.**
**A PSR (Field Trip) Form was sent home last week and was due Friday 1/30 in order for your student to go on this trip**
**If you are chaperoning, please be at the school by 7:15am to help with equipment**

Uniform Update

Please let Ms. Wilson know ASAP if you can pay the $140.00 for the rest of the remaining balance and to receive uniforms. Ms. Wilson is currently working on an alternative uniform that will both be school appropriate and show appropriate. Please have tights, black spandex, and black tank top to wear under a uniform if needed. Please note: these items may not be needed, however, it is good to have incase they are needed for extra coverage under something. (Also, they may be used under another uniform in coming years – they are great staples to have) If students have ideas for costumes, please email or talk to Ms. Wilson! You’re idea might be a great one that we have not thought of! Remember, at the end of the day, Ms. Wilson and Ms. Jessica are here for you; we want you to succeed and be proud of what you have accomplished and learned!


If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Wilson.



General information

1.  Solo and Ensemble is an event, whereas a student is invited to participate in either a solo performance, or a performance with an ensemble of students.  Solo and Ensemble is not a mandatory event, but a performance chosen BY THE STUDENT OR ENSEMBLE and completely funded BY THE STUDENT OR ENSEMBLE.

2.  NO Booster money is used towards Solo and Ensemble acts, as it is not a Music Department mandatory function.  Funding by the Boosters is not allowed.  Each student is responsible for paying for:

— any costumes or special clothing that is deemed necessary for their act

— any accompaniment or music needed to use during their act.

— any additional instruction or teachers needed for the completion of their act.

— any admission fee incurred for the event

At times, in special circumstances, the admission fee has been paid in advance of the event, but this fee is placed on the students account to be paid with their fair share account.

3.  No Booster money can be used to pay for any of the above in advance, with the claim that it will be paid back later.  This is a violation of the Booster organization.  Anything that has been purchased by the Booster organization in advance WILL BE paid in full before a Solo Student or Ensemble uses it.  This includes, uniforms, props, etc.  If it is not paid for in advance, it will not be allowed for use during S&E.

4.  Any money in a student’s individual account may not be used towards an individuals Solo and Ensemble payment, except in certain authorized cases for the admission fee only.  It may not be used towards props, costumes, etc.  This is still Booster Funds and can only be used towards the good of the entire Music Department.

5.  Our Guard and Percussion line do not participate in Winter Guard or Winter Percussion, and they have not for several years now.  Their participation in Solo and Ensemble is solely based upon the decision of the Ensemble, and will be funded in full by this Ensemble.  This is no different than it would be for any other Solo Student or Ensemble Group.  Funds may be paid by each individual in the Ensemble, or by Fundraising, and their participation is based ONLY on this money being raised, in full, IN ADVANCE. This has not changed in at least the last 4 years that I have been part of this program and, unless the Booster By-laws are legally changed, it will not change in future years.

I am sure that if your student is lucky enough to participate in Solo and Ensemble, that you will be gracious enough to understand that these items have been in place for many years now.  And if your student chooses not to participate in Solo and Ensemble, that you are comforted in the fact that the money you have paid and fundraised towards your students Fair Share, is being used for the good of the entire Music Department, and not just one person or small group of students.

Please take some time to go through this information as it is quite important, and has been misconstrued greatly in the past.  If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us.